What is a Bumpy?

Bumpies are premium Merino nappy covers, which have been lovingly hand-crafted by Jane and her team in Brisbane, Australia. They are designed to be the key player in your reusable night-nappy stash - when worn over an absorbent cloth nappy (such as a fitted, prefold or preflat) and lanolised and washed using a Bumpy Care Kit, your little one will be kept dry and snuggled all night long.

Bumpies are made using buttery-soft, Premium ZQ Merino fabric (certified to OEKO-Tex standard) and come in a delightful rainbow of colours. They are sufficiently thick to guard against leaks, and perfectly stretchy and roomy to cover those big ol’ night butts.

Why Wool?

Wool is a magical fibre - it is absorbent, breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and temperature-regulating. Once lanolised, Bumpy will repel urine back into the underneath nappy. The lanolin serves to neutralise urine, so even if Bumpy becomes a little ‘damp’ overnight, simply lay out to air and dry during the day and it will be ready to use again the following night. Although the lanolising process can seem daunting at the start, with the creation of the ‘Bumpy Care Kit’, we have made this easy peasy for you - and plus, one of the benefits of a wool cover is that it will only require washing and re-lanolising every fortnight or so.