Caring for Bumpy

As well as being delightfully lovely to look at and touch, Bumpies are a functional product - if treated with care and consideration, Bumpies will serve to keep your little one dry and snuggled all night long. We have put together a 'Bumpy Care Kit', to make it simple to care for Bumpy. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Why do I need to lanolise Bumpy?

One of the amazing properties of wool is that if lanolised, it will repel urine back into your underneath nappy. The lanolin also serves to neutralise the urine, which means that you will only need to wash Bumpy every two weeks or so (or when Bumpy starts to get a little *stinky*). 

The lanolising process is one thing that can be daunting for parents when investigating wool covers, but once you have done it once, you will see that it is a quick and easy process - plus, how good is it not to have to wash them after each use!? Less washing? Yes please!

What's in a Bumpy Care Kit?

A Bumpy Care Kit contains a 50g jar of pure lanolin, a tin of emulsifying 'heart' cubes, a mini bamboo spoon and a calico bag.

Need further advice?

Our Instagram and Facebook pages are great sources of information and contain video tutorials on how to wash and lanolise Bumpy.