Sizing Guide

Let's find your 'best fit' Bumpy!

Since making her first wool cover for Little Guinea Pig back in 2020, Jane has made hundreds of Bumpies for little ones, right around Australia. In her experience, most babies will fit in one of the standard sizes - Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. Below we guide you through how and where to measure  your little one.

Step 1: Take your little one's measurements

You will need to measure your little one's delicious little thighs and tummy. You will want to capture the measurement of the widest part of their thigh and just above their bellybutton (our Bumpies have a generous high rise, so the waistband of Bumpy will fit nicely around your little one's midsection).

Step 2: Look at the below sizing chart

We want to balance finding the Bumpy that will snuggle your little one in all the right places, whilst at the same time allowing you to get good longevity out of your investment. Because all bubs are deliciously different (some have itty bitty chicken legs, others have adorable pot bellies etc), rather than provide an age range for Bumpies, below are the waist and thigh measurement ranges for each of our sizes.

Step 3: If in doubt, get in touch!

If your little one is on the upper cusp of a size, we advise 'sizing up'. There is nothing worse for us than seeing a baby squeezed into a too-small Bumpy, and it is always handy to have extra room, should you need to add a booster or two under Bumpy. Having now made hundreds of Bumpies for babies right around Australia, we have found that most will fit nicely into one of our standard sizes. We are always happy to make custom Bumpies, however, so please get in contact if your little one does not fit squarely into one of our sizes.